Welcome to the exotic Kenya the land of discovery whose matchless attractions have over the years been bestowed the seal of approval by royalty, presidents, celebrates and millions of other holiday enthusiasts. 

Kenya is the original and unquestionable home of magnificent safari, indeed the ultimate dream holiday and pure indulgence the essence of an African adventure destination.

With Kenya's splendid networks of well managed National Parks, Game Reserves, Biosphere Reserves, Marine Parks, Archaeological Sites, myriad species of birdlife, awe striking scenic landscape beauty, pearly white sandy tropical beaches along the reef sheltered azure waters, green palms swaying with the breeze, sparkling cocktails, and sumptuous both local and international cuisine. 

Glorious and diverse are the natures wonder offering a bucket list of experiences of the magical features that includes some of the finest natural attraction in the world combined with outstanding hotels, beach resorts and game lodges as well as luxurious tented Camps that gives visitors great value for money  waiting for you to enjoy.

In terms of sights and sounds of ageless Africa, Kenya can only be described in the superlative, a country that caters for all tastes.

To be fascinated and stunned by Kenya’s thousands odd bird species, you don’t have to be an ornithologist neither do you have to be a paleontologist to appreciate the archaeological past and walk down the memories of man’s origin. You need not be a professional diver for you to enjoy and experience the dazzling wealth of marine life exploring around the coral reef in inviting warm tropical water.

Discerning travellers from all over the world keeps on coming back to the spellbinding Kenya year after year for safari – an expedition to observe wildlife in its natural habitat. Marvel at Kenya’s stunning Savannah wilderness: flat topped acacias that dot the endless golden grassland: purple hills on the horizon, a herd of trooping elephants. The Indian Ocean silver sands beach and warm tropical waters, teeming with marine life and spectacular coral reefs.

Kenya’s contrasting scenic landscapes and the treasured game that includes the Big Five - all within close proximity enough to squeeze to one trip. Kenya is truly an amazing African country; the prolific and well conserved wildlife is unsurpassed anywhere else in the world.

Here the world’s remaining population of big game, big mammals, big cats and plain game roam freely in the range land. In addition to these, meet the friendly Kenyan with the astounding African hospitality.