Shaba National Reserve is found deep in the arid northern part of Kenya, situated across the Great North Road, is which forms part of a trio of reserves quite different from the ones found in Kenya.

Shaba takes its name from Mount Shaba (1525 metres), a volcanic mountain that became extinct around 5,000 years ago and lies on the border of the reserve.

Shaba National Reserve is part of three adjoining savanna national reserves that lay on either side of the Northern Ewaso Ngiro River namely Samburu National Reserve, Buffalo Springs National Reserve and Shaba National Reserve.

The Northern section of the park includes a 34km stretch of the Ewaso Ngiro River, here and elsewhere in the reserve are numerous springs and swampy areas.

The starkly beautiful landscape is dominated by Shaba Hill to the south, at the foot of which is a rugged area with steep ravines.

The sandy soils are volcanic in origin. The landscape and vegetation in this area is very different to its southern counterparts, mainly scrub desert and open savannah broken by the occasional small, rugged hill.

 Shaba National Reserve includes the area where Joy Adamson of ‘Born Free’ fame experimented with the release of hand-reared leopards.

Shaba National Reserve: What Game

  • The Ewaso Ngiro River is the life line that supports a wide variety of game including elephants, buffaloes, cheetah, leopards and lions, as well as game rarely seen elsewhere such as Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, Somali ostrich and the long necked gerenuk (Somali for ‘camel head’).

Shaba National Reserve: What Activities

  • Scenic landscape and riverine forest and 17 permanent springs at which animals congregate during the dry season.
  • The Joy Adamson Monument is also found here
  • Camel safaris
  • Champagne breakfasts, Moonlit dinners in the bush or beside the river
  • Bird-watching walks and cultural dances.

Shaba National Reserve: Best time to visit

  • All year Round

Shaba National Reserve: Where to stay

  • Joy’s Camp and Sarova Shaba Lodge
    • Joy's Camp

      Joy's Camp is names after author and early conservationist,Joy Andamson. Set at Joy Adamson’s original campsite in Shaba National Reserve is Joy’s Camp. The camp is located in this arid and semi desert with outcropping rugged rocky kopjes (small hills) and many springs that nurture the abundant wildlife. Shaba landscape is similar to the neighbouring Samburu National Reserve with riverine forests, acacias and doum palms. Shaba National Reserve famous for its close association with the world famous conservationists couple Joy and George Adamson and the book Born Free  while was later made into the film ” Born Free”. Shaba National Reserve too is the place where Joy Adamson released her famous leopard “Penny. Joy’s Camp a small intimate luxurious and is perfect for the discerning visitor looking to immerse in nature, preservation and conservation admiring the historical escapades of Kenya. Authentic wildlife safari experience combined with the comfort of a luxury-tented camp overlooking a wonderful spring where wild game parade at the waterhole. Shaba National Reserve is rich with extraordinary wildlife including Grevy’s zebra, the Somali ostrich, gerenuk, reticulated giraffe, lesser and greater kudu, leopards, lion and herds of elephants.   Joy's Camp : Accommodation 10 tents each uniquely decorated with…
    • Sarova Shaba Game Lodge

      Sarova Shaba Game Lodge is found deep in the arid northern part of Kenya - Shaba National Reserve. In the middle of this desert of volcanic terrain lies Sarova Shaba Game Lodge. The lodge is built in an oasis around the natural landscape of this breathtaking volcanic desert. The lodge is attractively set out with chalet style rooms overlooking the Ewaso Nyiro River. Natural spring water has been harnessed to ribbon its way in and out all around the property creating a beautiful landscape. Coupled with the large free-form swimming pool that flows around the lush gardens and tall trees, all this refreshing water lends an almost magical feel to this natural oasis. Sarova Shaba Game Lodge: Highlights Game drives in the Shaba National Reserve – made famous by the pioneer game conservationist and authoress Joy Adamson. Shaba was one of Joy Adamson's greatest African loves; it was in this tranquil wilderness where she released the first hand-raised lions. Camel Safaris -take a ride of a lifetime as you view the scenic Shaba landscape, on the back of this desert mammal under the guidance of an experienced ranger Visit to Traditional Samburu Village and watch the beautifully beaded and decorated…