The Chyulu Hills National Park is situated 190 km South-East of Nairobi and 30 km South-West of Kibwezi.  The hills are of relatively recent volcanic origin and the chain of hills is composed of ash cones and craters.

The Chyulu Hills hold no permanent surface water but rainfall percolating through the porous rock feeds many permanent fresh water sources in the surrounding plains, notably Mzima springs and the Rver Tsavo and River Galana. The hills are comparatively undisturbed and shelter indigenous flora and wild animals.

The Chyulu Hill are a major attraction from the top of the hill you experince the breathtaking views across the open the plains below, with Mount Kilimanjaro ever present in the distance.The Chyulu Hills are one of the most important landmark in Africa. 

The “Green Hills of Africa” that Ernest Hemingway came to repeatedly  and inspired him to write “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” while camping in  the Chhulu Hills and on the plains, where the view of that famous mountain is tremendously beautiful. 

Wildlife roam in abundance, enormous granite rising from the sheer plain over rivers and lava flows that cut across the land and a deep and mysterious cloud forest on the crest of the green hills, this landscape is truly one of the great wilderness experiences anywhere



The Chyulu Hills National Park: What Game

  • Reptiles like the Black Mamba, Puff Adder, Rock Python, Gecko, Tortoise and Lizard. Other common animals are Buffalo, Bushbuck, Eland, African elephant, Leopard, Pig, Forest Bush, reedbuck, mountain and Steinbok. Insects and arthropods that reside here are Dung Beetles, Butterflies, and Tsetse fly.

The Chyulu Hills National Park: What Activities

  • Breathtaking views from the Chyulu hills
  • cave exploration
  • Wildlife viewing, Nature walks,Hiking
  • Culture Authentic Encounter

The Chyulu Hills National Park: Best time to visit

  • All year Round

The Chyulu Hills National Park: Where to stay

  • Kampi ya Kanzi,Ol Donyo Lodge
    • Ol Donyo Lodge

      Ol Donyo Lodge being an exclusive comfortable lodge with luxurious décor has made it to be regarded as one of the most attractive lodges in East Africa. Ol Donyo Lodge is located in the heart of Mbirikani Group Ranch on the slopes of the Chyulu Hills between Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks in southeast Kenya. The is lodge very rich in history, passion and conservation. Set in a stunning location with a wide variety of wildlife both endemic and the winter migrant birds species. The lodge is superb for multi-generational families, groups and ideal for longer stays. Ol Donyo Lodge: Highlights Lodge’s founder, Richard Bonham, had often flown over this spectacular landscape but one day in the 1980s, he was moved to land his Cessna on the open plains and meet the local Maasai. For an eclectic safari experience rich in history and conservation. breathtaking views of Mt.Kilimanjaro The wildlife that gather around the watering hole are so much fun to observe Ol Donyo Lodge: Accommodation The twenty-bed lodge is perched on a hillside set in thick woodland.     Ol Donyo Lodge: Activities Early morning and late afternoon/early evening 4x4 open game drives, guided bush walks, bush dinners, night…
    • Campi ya Kanzi Camp

      Campi ya Kanzi is an ecolodge, a hidden treasure that border the volcanic Chyulu Hills.  A community project with the local Maasai on their Group Ranch of 400- square-miles. The high altitude of the terrain allows for diverse environments that range from the grasslands of the savannah to green river woodlands to cool mountain forests.. Over and above the big game and plains game the area offers many rare and interesting species such as the wild dog, fringe eared oryx, lesser kudu, gerenuk, black rhino and cheetah. There are more than 400 bird species on the Ranch. Campi ya Kanzi: Highlights Be hosted by Maasai, on their land. You will be involved not just in tourism, but in preserving –through your visit – the very same wilderness and wildlife that the Maasai are sharing with you. The Chyulu Hills are the Green Hills of Africa so much loved by Hemingway an area of outstanding natural beauty. Campi ya Kanzi: Accommodation Six luxury tented cottages and the Hemingway and Simba suites, all set on wooden platforms with thatched roofs and large en-suite       Campi ya Kanzi: Activities Horse-back riding Fly camping Among elephants Kilimanjaro flight Transcendental Meditation Indian Ocean…