We at Africa Partners in Safari consistently arrive at client solutions with a level of dedication, detail, and personalized service. Our business model is a unique blend of travel experience, passionate desire to share the healing nature wonder experience. We help you realize your dream itinerary or tailor-make your dream journey for you. Our Team has the professionalism and indigenous knowledge to guide you on the ground making sure your African journey is the ultimate travel experience.

Our service and management professionals have many years of hands-on experience in planning travel for sophisticated, discerning luxury travellers. They also know what it means to deliver a meaningful, memorable and valuable travel experience. We show case Africa’s remote, hidden gems or the must-see places on many travellers’ wish lists. We appreciate that your travel can be a significant investment and it is reassuring to know that you are in the hands of people who truly and genuinely appreciate your needs.

We offer a full range of travel experiences from the active to the passive which means that talking to one of our specialists about safari destination; you will be talking to someone who lives there. We will show you the places you would never have found without our insider’s knowledge, the secret beaches, the authentic culture experience and the restaurants the locals use.

Our safaris apart from offering the unusual in the way of fascinating scenery, mesmerizing sunny sandy beaches and cuisines to breathing taking decors. We also offer integrated luxurious experiential travel that combines everything from gourmet foods to spa wellness experiences.

On offer is a choice of small-group Escorted safaris with the services of a full-time Travel Director, Tailor-Made Journeys customized to your specifications, Independent Journeys with ready-to-book itineraries for independent travel and exciting Expeditions.

For example, you stay in deluxe-view rooms at the exclusive small intimate and selected boutique properties in fascinating destinations. We limit group size for discreet travel experiences wherever you go. Quality is always looking for the very best way to discover, explore and experience in style. Our style balances meaningful, personal experiences with the unique pleasures of a destination. We carefully and regularly monitor the quality of service, accommodation and the staff of all properties that we use in order to ensure that we only give you the best.

We treasure what nature has entrusted us with and therefore for us, conservation and preservation of the environment is top priority. We work directly with concerns that fund community projects, preservation of habitat and wildlife conservation. We believe in what is often called ‘Intelligent’ tourism where maintaining fragile eco-systems, treating local people decently and creating sustainable practices is the norm.